August 13, 2019
Technological developments and Introductory talk on R and RGeostats
September 27, 2018
2019 Annual General Meeting
September 3, 2019


The conference provides Competent Persons and Competent Valuators the opportunity to prepare and present details of recognised standards and industry benchmarks as well as relate lessons learnt in relation to the declaration of Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves and the preparation of valuations.

In addition to providing contributions in respect of good practices and recognised standards and industry benchmarks, the conference aims to provide guidance on the complex issues in grey areas of the Codes.

The SAMCODES conference will incorporate issues such as the implementation of the Codes by The JSE • the relevance of the Codes • some of the lessons learnt since the implementation of the Codes in 2016 • address aspects of SANS 10320 for the declaration of Coal Resources and Coal Reserves • the application of the various methods of valuation and where and when they should be applied in accordance with the SAMVAL Code

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